Monday, October 04, 2021

Picture Perfect Pumpkin Patch Picking

Yesterday, we hit up Burke Nursery with G and his Mom and Dad to find the perfect Pumpkin. Burke Nursery typically offers a somewhat extravagent fall festival, including pony rides and plenty of play spaces for kids to enjoy. Due to Covid, they've scaled things back this year.

G didn't mind one bit: there was plenty to keep him occupied. We roamed among the pumpkins and played on a pirate ship, train and tractor play structure. Much to everyone's delight, we indulged in fresh donuts and cider, which if G wasn't so dang precious, would have been the hightlight of the day.

Everyone got to pick the perfect pumpkin, and I got to snap countless photos with both my cell phone and DSLR. So yeah, a good time was had by all.

In another year or two, G will be ready to for a larger fall festival. But for this year, Burke Nursery was absolutely perfect.

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