Tuesday, October 26, 2021

US Open 2021, Day 0

[Composed 9/2/2021]

We're in New York, baby! After a year off from the US Open, we're back to get our fill of tennis. In past years we've driven and taken the train to New York. This year, we opted to fly the 44 minutes from DCA to LaGuardia.

The flight was painless and while LaGuardia is going through renovations, it wasn't that hard to navigate. Once we collected our luggage we debated the best transport option to our hotel and decided that without being in a rush and the weather being so nice, we'd walk the 3.6 miles.

The night before the remnants of Hurricane Ida had come through the area and left a trail of destruction. And yet, by the time we were walking through Queens, there was no sign that there had been a catastrophic weather event less than 24 hours earlier. It was almost eerie now normal things were.

Once in the vicinity of our Koreatown Queens hotel we did a bit of shopping to pick up snacks for the days ahead. This included a trip to our favorite Iris Bakery and a lengthy walk through the large Sky Foods. Did I need to pick up tapioca biscuits, garlic soda crackers, coconut thins, creamed milk wafers and whatever 3+2 cookies are?

Yes, yes I did. All of these treats were tasty with the exception of the 3+2's. Shira assumed that the filling was lemon. Yeah, no. Could they be filled with mayo? Who knows. I love that we're able to step out of our culinary comfort zone just by strolling through a super market.

After stuffing ourselves on Kosher Vegan Chinese, we were ready to call it a night. US Open Tennis, here we come!

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