Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Chasing Jewels

The first piece of jewelry that I gave Shira was an $80.00 gold rope chain bracelet, bought from Service Merchandise. This was a big step for me.

I gave it to her and she wore it till it literally wore out. Then I gave her another one, just like it. The last time I gave her one was probably 4+ years ago.

Last night, the most recent chain broke. Not to worry, I was out today cruising jewelry stores looking for a replacement.

Turns out, their's a jewelry store right down the street from our house that will fix the bracelet for $12.00. And failing that, I can buy a near exact replacement.

So what does it all mean - breaking on our anniversary? I have no idea. Probably something about how precious things need to be cared for, and even when damaged can be repaired at a small cost. You just have to put in some effort.


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