Sunday, June 26, 2005

My Resume

Had to touch up my resume today. Here's the latest version. And no, I'm not looking for a job -- just thought I'd publish this for the heck of it.

Benjamin A.E. Simon

1010 S. Queen St. · Arlington, Virginia 22204 · (703) 920-4149 ·


State University of New York at Buffalo

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (1998)

summa cum laude


Vice President of Engineering (1999-present)

Amazing Media, Inc., Herndon, Virginia

· Manage a team of developers and designers responsible for the creation and maintenance of company products and tools

§ Supervise all parts of the software development process including task development and assignment, estimate creation, code reviews and achieving on-time delivery

§ Responsible for the building and maintenance of the code library ensuring that developers reuse existing code

§ Assist in shaping the vision of the technology team by choosing practices and methodologies for the team to follow

§ Conduct weekly team meetings and training sessions to encourage peer learning

§ Participate in human resource activities including interviewing, hiring and laying off of employees

· Contribute to the development of Amazing Media products by creating software using Java, Flash, perl, scheme and other technologies

§ Produce code using advanced Java concepts including threads, network communication, image manipulation, JDBC and J2EE

§ Instituted common programming practices such as JUnit testing, component creation and database interaction

§ Utilize domain specific languages such as scheme, PostScript, ActionScript, XSLT and awk to accomplish specific tasks

§ Develop software in a Linux environment using advanced Unix tools such as strace, tcpdump and netcat for diagnostic purposes

· Work directly with clients to understand requirements and propose solutions to internet advertising challenges

· Share responsibilities for performing Unix system administration such as the creation of accounts, managing mail, DNS, web services and the configuration of new servers

Contractor (2003-2004)

Macromedia, Inc.

· Authored ColdFusion components and documentation for release on several Development Resource Kits

· Components included an image manipulation API, RSS XML parsing tools and servlet utilities

Consultant (1998-1999)

Questra Corporation, Charlotte, North Carolina

· Provided consultant support to companies such as First Union and MCI for the creation of web applications in perl

· Developed an internal timesheet management application

· Worked onsite with customers to develop requirements

Contractor (1997-1998)

Latimer Data Systems, Buffalo, New York

· Created an implementation of the Logo programming language for use in educational software

· Utilized the lex and yacc tools to create an advanced language interpreter

· Developed the language interpreter in C on a Unix platform with capability to be cross-compiled to Windows

Photo Lab Technician (1993-1997)

MotoPhoto, Inc.


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