Thursday, June 16, 2005

Why moblog?

So, I've been mobologging for a while (over here and now here) and I've been trying to figure out why I'm doing it. First, why aren't I doing it:
  • To show off my perfect photography or writing. Most of the pictures I've posted are crap, and the writing is hardly impressive.
  • To speak to a particular audience. Right now, I'm the only one watching my blog (as far as I know...)
So why do it?
  • I'm curious what the value of having a day-by-day history of my life would be like. And with a camera phone, its really easy to do that. Of course I don't get every detail of my life, but at least I get a snapshot.
  • I figure I do at least one interesting or different thing a day. Sometimes it's a real challange trying to find what that interesting thing is - and having this goal of moblogging the day makes me search for it.
  • I think it increases my creativity. Lets say it's really hot out and I want to record that. How do I get a picture showing that it's hot out? That takes creativity. Then, once you've solved that problem one day, and you want to show that it's hot out again you need to find a new way to show that. I'm hardly always successful at conveying some feeling in my photographs - but at least I'm trying.
So there you have it, some reasons why I moblog. Not that you cared :-). Oh, and there's a great discussion of storage quality photos versus moment quality photos over here. Of course, I'm going after moment quality photos...


  1. Well said. The discussion about moblogs often lack one big Q - "Why" Moblog?

    Instead the debate is about "How" ...


  2. You're so right -- the "How" discussion is a fun one to have, but hardly that useful. As once you've figured out how to send a simple text message or two, the question is -- will you ever do it again?

    I for one am glad that I've been lucky enough to keep up the mobologging. It's given me the benefits I've outlined here and more.