Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Disruptive Programming Language Technologies

Lightweight Languages 2002 (LL2) afternoon session I have always enjoyed listening to the LL presentations. Some of the talks are really insightful. This afternoon I listened to:
 Disruptive Programming Language Technologies  (invited talk)
Todd Proebsting, Microsoft Research.
Which I didn't have particularly high hopes for. Afterall, I did see Microsoft next to the speaker's name. I was expecting .net evangalizing. But boy was I wrong -- it was terrrific! First, the speaker was great. Second, the material was interesting and stuff that I happen to agree with. Third, the reference to "distruptive technology" brought up some very good points. Back when Amazing Media started, the main book on disruptive technology was required reading. However, back then I just didn't get it. Well, thanks to this talk, now I think I do. Nothing like taking 6 years to catch on...

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