Friday, September 02, 2005

Curb Rash - repaired

I just learned what curb rash is - when you scrape your rim against the curb (thanks Jenna!). And a few weeks later, ZZ got a myseterios case of it.

Well, about the only place in the area that deals with this is near Baltimore, where we were tonight.

So, we stopped by Keystone Automotive Industries to have it repaired. At first they told us that the wheel hadn't been delivered - shipping's been messed up, and you know the price of gas (I kid you not, they actually used gas prices as an excuse).

We gently explained that we didn't live in these parts and that coming back Tuesday isn't really an option.

So the guy went in the back to figure something out. Shira turns to me: they got the wheel in, they just don't want to put it on at 4:15pm. Nonsense, I say, that would be just plain dishonest.

Sure enough, the manager walks out and says - you guys are all set, just pull round back.

I got to watch them replace and balance my wheel - and I have to say they did a first rate job. In general, the staff was very nice - and I would go back.

Now, lets hope ZZ stays rash free...


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