Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hanukkah in September

Today we got our shipment of 3 servers we just ordered. We bought them from direct from cybertron, though we learned about them from tiger direct.

Let me take a moment and just say how impressed I am with the folks at cybertron. Why?

1) They know their stuff. I asked them about picky details and they had instant answers. How many sticks of RAM come with the machine? 2. Very impressive considering I would have usually expected to be bounced from a sales guy to a technical guy (or gal) and back again.

2) They know their competitors stuff. I was able to provide my sales guy with tiger direct product IDs and he instantly pulled up what I was talking about. None of this - it's not my derpartment crap.

3) They offered to test my servers with the OS I want to use, not they want to test with. This is just amazing. The guy asked me what OS I wanted to use (Fedora Linux). He then checked in their product database to see if the raid card I was ordering worked with this version of Linux. He then told me he didn't know, but that he would have his engineers test it for me and let me know. In other words, they did the work of testing the box and making sure it will work for me. That's a huge savings for me. I'm just amazed that they didn't tell me that they only test 3 or 4 OS's and that if mine wasn't in the list, too bad.

And keep in mind we aren't talking mega-expensive servers here. Two of them were $600.00 a piece.

So I'm a happy camper and can recommend Cybertron with pride. If you need servers check out: http://www.cybertronpc.com.

Tomorrow I get to actually play with them.


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