Thursday, September 01, 2005

NPR : Bagging One Job for Another

NPR : Bagging One Job for Another

This is a story from a sequence that NPR is running on people making big changes late in their lives. It's really interesting, and full of PMA [1]. I especially like this one: this guy gave up his job as a speech therapist so he could bag groceries instead.

It's not as insane as it sounds -- he's got a job that pays OK, and provides terrific benefits and leaves him plenty of time to do things he's really interested in.

I can just imagine it...

Honey, good news! I've quite my job as a programmer and now work in a toll booth. But don't you worry, I'm going to be much happier now, because I'll get to goof off more on the computer. Aren't you excited???

Yeah, she wouldn't be my wife for very long.

And besides, I happen to like my job a lot.

So, if you could quit your job today, what would you end up doing instead?

[1] -- PMA -- Postive Mental Attitude. Something I have a lot of, and my wife has almost none of.

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