Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Closet Repair 101

I'm pretty much over the devestation which was our walk-in closet. It's now time to rebuild.

I spent a good chunk of time trying to get things in enough order so that we can install new shelves and such. So far I've: emptied the the room of more junk than I thought we owned, removed all the hardware which was still on the wall, and spackled a few of the holes. I'm only doing a few first off as I've never done this before so I figured I'd start small.

In my last post on this topic I mentioned I couldn't think of anything good to come out of this. Well, now that I have had some time I have quite a few reasons why I'm thankful our closet fell down:

(1) we are gonna get a new, strong, better setup. What was installed was the default flimsy wire shelves - we can do much better now.

(2) I got to listen to podcasts while cleaning up the closet. It was a perfect example of making use of gray time.

(3) I'm learning the invaluable skill of...spackling. I'm so excited! This should be a good thing to know.

(4) we'll finally have a good excuse for getting rid of junk in closet. Goodwill here we come! How cool is that? We have something bad happen and we get to give charity as a result.

Shira says I'm a bit too positive about stuff like this. I think she's just missing all the good in this situation.


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