Monday, October 17, 2005

Little things, big differences

As usual, I've been slaving over my lawn trying to get it to turn greenish. My last attempt was a few weeks ago and I've been watering religously ever since.

The front lawn looks good. Like real grass and a real lawn.

The back lawn, which was in worse shape, is beginning to show a bit of life. I'm seeing those thin pieces of grass sprout up.

This is absolutely amazing to me. I'm blown away by the fact that you put seed, fertalizer and lots of water on the ground - and a few weeks later grass appears. I guess, being a computer programmer, I'm not used to such delayed cause and effect. When I change something small in a program, I expect to be able to verify that pretty easily. When I change something small on my lawn (sprinkle seed, etc.) - nothing happens. Then out of the blue something amazing happens, something big, like life appearing.

So I'm now in the nuturing stage of this process. Somehow I'm going to try to turn these thin little pieces of lawn into a lush lawn. Now, if I could pull that off, that would be a miracle.


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