Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sneaker Net Hack

Shira and I are staying at a location this weekend without networking - be it wired, or WiFi. There is one computer here with a - gulp - dial-up connection.

Yep, I'm currently surfing the web at 52.0 Kbs.

The tricky part is that I don't want to hog the computer and would actually like to work on Shira's laptop?

My basic solution involved a 3 step process:

(1) download everything I need over dial-up (2) put all the downloaded material on my Mach 256 MP3 player (did I mention how much I love this device? Get one and don't leave home without it.) (3) use sneakernet to transfer the files to Shira's laptop.

This would have all worked out great, accept my thumbdrive was too fat to fit into the USB port. So while we were out I stopped and picked up a portable USB extension cord. So, in the end my plan worked.

As it stands I'm currently almost half way through an 8mb download - that'll take me about 23 minutes. Plenty of time to write this post and perhaps another.


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