Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Crown progress

I just got a shot of novacaine for the crown they are installing.

Wow, drugs are amazing. In like 3 seconds I went from squirming as I was stuck with a needle, to being almost completely numb. I even have that "fat lip" feeling.

I suppose if all goes well, this will be the worst part of the procedure. Things rarely go well for me at the dentist.

(I just love the drilling sound in the background...)


1 comment:

  1. Yeah, novacaine is cool. Have you looked into any of the "sedation dentistry" places I keep hearing advertisements for lately? They make it sound as though they'll knock you out for every procedure, but that would probably pretty expensive, I presume.

    If my wife (who has perfect teeth (grr!)) ever needs any dental work done, I'll probably be looking into those sedation dentists, as she's got some anxiety about getting fillings and stuff (not that she ever has to).

    I've had so many fillings in my life, that I wouldn't pay a hefty premium for that kind of place, but I do (of course) still hate getting fillings and stuff done. It's not something you can really ever get used to, regardless of how many times you have it done!

    Ugh.. as I wrote this comment, the sound of a dentist's drill has been going through my head like a catchy song. *cringe*