Monday, February 06, 2006

Does blogging work?

Does blogging work? Well, specifically, does blogging work for spreading messages?

The answer of course is, yes. Take a look at some proof:

Let the Good Times Roll--by Guy Kawasaki: Total BS (Blog Statistics)

My favorite stat is:

My Amazon sales rank for The Art of the Start (go ahead, I dare you to click on this link) hovered between #1,500 and #2,000 prior to the start of my blog. Currently, the sales rank hovers between #500 and #750.

The thing is, Guy hasn't been pushing his book at all. He's just been acting like a blogger should be. Providing useful content mixed with fun stuff. He doesn't try to be some one he isn't.

The result? A blog that you consistently want to read, link to, and talk about.

So focus on doing good work, and the rest will follow.

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