Wednesday, February 01, 2006

His and Her Media

Tonight I picked up two versions of the same book from the library - one on tape, one in print. The clerk was a bit surprised by this until I explained - one is for me and one is for my wife.

Yes, his and her media.

For Shira, books make sense - she's a fast reader, and she hates having stuff read to her (it puts her to sleep, not a desirable quality for an in car experience).

Me, on the other hand, live off of books on tape. This makes my commute some of the most enjoyable part of the day (yes, I know that's sad. But it's true).

So, using this technique of different media types, we can both "read" and discuss the book together. She at her pace, me at my convenience.

We've actually done this a couple of times before and it turns out it's a fun way to read a book. I guess it's like having our own book club, minus the need to schedule a time to meet.

We discovered we could do this when we both separately chose to read "Demolition Angel" on a trip to the library together. What are the odds of that?


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