Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Seth's Blog: Categories and the short head


I keep meaning to blog this article because I found it so interesting. Seth makes three points:

(1) Your business/product/organization is part of a category. You can be a fine dining restaurant, a hip place to eat, fast food, a chain or a local hangout.

(2) This category is important. It says how many competitors you have and how often they change.

(3) You can choose the category you belong in.

I find this to be a powerful notion. If you are the 5th Thai restaurant in the area - don't be a Thai restaurant. Be a local hangout. Be authentic dining at it's best. Be the quickest way to get a good dinner in town. But, as Seth points out, just know that you are deciding to be something (even by not deciding).

He, naturally, puts it way more elgantly than I (and with fewer references to food!).


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