Thursday, July 20, 2006

The AIM BudgetBot

Hack Attack: The AIM BudgetBot - Lifehacker

Here's a clever idea - track your budget through AIM.

I've written before about how useful I find AIM bots. This is especially true on the sidekick, which has a really powerful instant messaging client.

My two favorite bots to date are the AOLYellowPages bot and the SmaterChild bot.

The AOLYellowPages bot is nice for obvious reasons - I can lookup phone numbers on the go really easily. SmarterChild turns out to be nice because it offers a wide variety of services - my favorite of which include spell checking and a dictionary. This has saved my butt quite a few times when I'm away from a computer, but still need to spell a tricky word (And even a not so tricky word. Or even a really basic word.)

SmarterChild can also be used as good entertainment for kids, as it will allow you to play simple games such as hangman and word scramble

Give these bots a try and think about how cool their user experiences are. At some point, someone's going to catch on to the power of this interface, and we'll start seeing more and more of them.

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