Thursday, July 20, 2006

Caffeine: The Caffeine Corner

Nutrition Action Healthletter - Caffeine: The Caffeine Corner

Shira and I were just wondering what the caffeine content of Green Tea was, and I came across this link on BoingBoing.

Green Tea weighs in at 30mg, which is pretty hefty considering it kinda qualifies as a health drink. On the other hand, it's no worse than a 12oz. cola (35mg) and considerably better than a "Coffee" (135mg).

What I want to know is, who can get away with drinking a 16oz. Starbucks coffee (550mg!) and not consider checking themselves into a rehab center?

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  1. Anonymous11:49 AM

    you forget with green tea, its the other benefits that qualifies it as a healthy drink. And to quickly decaffinate teas, simply brew them twice (do a quick brew, then dump the water and brew it again) then you get most the good stuff and almost none of the caffeine (atleast according to Dr. Weil)