Thursday, July 06, 2006

Free Guide for Google AdWords

Of late, I've had a number of converstions with folks who are interested in taking their business online. One topic that always comes up is: "where do I get my customers from?"

Luckily I have a really easy answer to this question - Google AdWords. For a relatively cheap amout you can advertise pretty much anything you could image to people who are looking for your product! And you only pay when they visit your website. How can you go wrong/

I'm glad I found the above link as it points to a free guide that explains how to use AdWords. Now I can give them the above answer and provide them with some followup details.

Just the other day I caught a podcast where the (once?) head of Excite was explaining why they didn't become Google. I was excpecting him to mention the PageRank algorithm. Nope, instead he said that Google figured out AdWords and Excite didn't.

He explained that AdWords turns the traditional advertising model on its head. You can now advertise to any size audiance you want for a remarkably cheap price tag. This something that just wasn't feasible to do.

And of course he's right. The gagillions of dollars Google makes from AdWords allow them to dabble in whatever else they want.


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