Saturday, July 01, 2006

First Post

This is my first post from my brand new sidekick! So here are some random thoughts about the new sidekick 3....

- The device is smaller than the sk II. In general that's a good thing, though the shoulder buttons will take some getting used to.

- The software on the device, with the exception of the presence of a music player, is the same as the sk II.

- Bluetooth works with my Acura TSX

- The edge network appears to be nice and fast. Though I'm not sure how mlmuch faster.

- The keyboard is a bit different than the sk II - still solid, but a bit more "plasticy." Still, it's a very good keyboard - mostly just different

- The trackball works well and is very natural to use

- The camera seems improved - though the attached shot was taken in low light, so that's not fair

- The fact that all I had to do to get my new sidekick setup with all of my previous settings was to drop in my SIM card, is amazing. It's the easiest phone upgrade I've ever had.

Am I glad I upgraded? Yes! The new device appears to rock.


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