Sunday, July 23, 2006

Most Inappropriate Toy

Shira and I were just at Toys-R-Us picking up some goodies for a friend's newborn.

Having some time on my hands, I walked around and tried to find the most inappropriate toys in the store.

There were two candidates that came to mind.

The first was the obvious choice of the Barbie dolls that are dressed in totally sleazy clothes. I understand that the doll is going to be all anatomically out of whack (way too tall, way too skinny) - but do you have to dress the doll in clothes that look they belong in a Girls-Gone-Wild video? C'mon - isn't your little girl going to want to copy this?

This seems like a one way ticket to bulimia and body image problems for life.

The second, less obvious choice was the lego set in the attached picture. I love legos and don't mind kids building sophisticated intergalactic armies (heck, my brothers and I did).

But do you really want your 8 year old kid building and playing with an asylum/prison camp scene? Isn't that a bit much? What's next, the Guantanemo Bay prison kit?

So how did I do? Are there worse toys? Am I overreacting?


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