Thursday, October 12, 2006


For the last few weeks on Make, they have been showcasing various hacks for holloween. Many of them include creating little anamatronic people like thingys - you know, something that wiggles and squirms like a person, yet is really made of plastic tubing and some spare parts.

With this as my intelligence, I walked into Simon and Frankie's office. Interesting, there was this kiddie size ghost statue standing there. I walked up to it, and immediately thought about the Make hacks. I decided to peer under the sheet.

As I lifted it up, the little bugger chirped and made some random noises. Plastic tubing or not, I jumped in a moment of total fear.

It totally got me. Too bad for Simon as he missed the show, but lucky for Frankie she had a front row seat.

So, just look out plastic ghost kiddie, I'll so take out your batteries. Of course I have to work up the nerve to walk up to you again.


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