Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tips for Creating Better PowerPoint Presentations

LifeHacker pointed me to this fairly basic article on how to create better PowerPoint presentations.

None of it's rocket science, but still, there are some good ideas.

Two of them that caught my eye were useful for when you send a presentation to someone else via e-mail:

  • Consider saving the file as a PowerPoint Show (.pps) or using the Package for CD feature for files so that the recipient won't have any issues with opening the slide show.
  • Consider using the voice notes/narration so that you can send clean slides to someone, yet still provide additional details

The narration is a good idea, if only because I've never seen it done. My guess is that someone recieving a voice annotated PowerPoint presentation entry would be so impressed with the technique, they could care less what the presentation said (hmmm, is that good thing? Maybe not.)

Hey, I could do the same thing with blog posts - put up a really skimpy entry, and then add audio to annotate it. Wait, we have that, it's cause podcasting. Though maybe audio anotations would be a slightly different take on that approach. A kind of read some text, look at some photos, and listen to learn more.

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