Friday, October 20, 2006

A Wiki Recommendation

No set of tips about choosing a Wiki would be complete without mentioning PBwiki.

PBWiki claims that you can setup a Wiki as fast as making a peanut butter sandwich. I'm pretty sure you can actually create one on PBWiki faster than making a sandwich, but I just might be slow in that department.

I really like PBWiki because they...

  • Offer a high quality, free service
  • They manage to stay in touch via with e-mail letting you know how their service is improving without bugging the heck out of you. In the past, they've gone so far as to include at the top of their e-mails a claim as to how long it will take for you to read the message (the last one I have says it will take 30 seconds to read).
  • They have a nice set of features (including uploading of conent, RSS feeds of pages, ability to get e-mail on changes, tags, and other goodies) and if all else fails, they allow you to drop in arbitrary HTML on your pages
  • They host over 100,000 wikis, so you know they aren't going anywhere

In general, if you need a quick website to exchange information, you should be checking out PBWiki.

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