Thursday, October 26, 2006

Home Grown Tech Support

This how to from LifeHacker is just too cool not to pass along: Tech support with UltraVNC SingleClick . Basically, if you follow the instructions in the blog post, you'll be able to send an .exe to someone in need of tech support. They'll click on this .exe and will be connected to you over VNC, allowing you to see and manipulate their desktop.

The best part is that the .exe that's created is fairly idiot proof, so you don't need to instruct the person on how to tweak their firewall configuration or other tricky stuff like that.

I had a chance to try this out and it's really remarkable - it made the act of debugging a tricky browser problem (making a GET request with too long of a query string, love how IE just quietly doesn't make the request) much easier.

If you provide phone support to friends and family, you need to walk through this tutorial. It'll save much frustration

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