Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Review: Tapeo, Pentagon Row

Shira and I have never been big fans of tapas. We had a single experience at a tapas bar (that's tapas, not topless, I know, I was dissapointed too) that left us kinda blah. It all just seemed like tiny, overpriced portions of nothing special food.

But, tonight we made good strides towards changing that perception.

We finally decided to try Tapeo at Pentagon Row, and were pleasently surprised. First, there were plenty of vegetarian dishes to choose from, so that got things off to a good start.

We ordered four small dishes between us and left more or less full, and the prices were quite reasonable.

Of course the important part was the food - which was good. It was fairly familiar (unlike say Indian food which tastes great, but I can't map it to anything I typically eat), but was also unique. One dish I would have expected to be served hot, was served cold. And another came in a bright orange sauce that that was quite good.

I'd recommend Tapeo, and give them an 8.23 / 10 for good service, food and for redeeming tapas in two non-tapas eaters.


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