Sunday, March 11, 2007

Australia: More boats and a change of venue

Here are some photos from the National Maritime Museum. We ran out of time yesterday to see everything, so I went back this morning for a more in depth look.

I'm sorry, but any museum that features a boat made completely from beer cans automatically becomes cool in my book.

Here's Shira in front of her favorite part of the museum. Oh wait, this was the only part she saw today.

As a well balanced married couple, we know there are times when we need to do things together, and we know there are times we need to do things apart. In this case, spending a few hours looking at a museum we had already been to once just wasn't up Shira's alley. We did this one apart. Anyone wanna guess what Shira did while I perused the galleries?

This is us in the Sydney airport preparing to head out to Canberra to continue our vacation there. In the photo we are about to start watching a DVD of House, my favorite mystery show on TV. I also consider it to be the closest thing to a programming show on TV, as the entire episode is spent in the debugging process (whiteboard included!).

We landed in Canberra without a problem and so far all we've done is eaten and settled in. Tomorrow, the real fun begins.

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