Saturday, March 10, 2007

Australia Vacation: More Sydney

Today, as part of our Australian vacation, we spent more time hanging out around Sydney. They have a really impressive market they hold on the weekends that made for some good browsing and shopping. We also made it to the National Maritime Museum. This was fun because we got to tour a destroyer (the HMS Vampire) and a sub (the HMS Advance).

Shira puts up with me and lets me tour these navy ships, even though they all pretty much look alike. But, I have to say I love to poke my way through them. Let's face it, my inner 10 year old just thinks this stuff is so cool. And as a computer guy, I just love to marvel at the fact that these ships were built without the help of a CAD program. Heck, just to think they managed to get the ship built without lots of MS Project or Excel documents blows my mind.

We had surprisingly good meals today as we managed to discover a really yummy pancake house and a totally out of the way sushi place which had a curious selection of vegetarian rolls.

And the weather? Hot and sunny. I hear there's a drought going on in the country - I'm awfully sorry about that, though it's making for excellent tourist weather.

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