Thursday, March 08, 2007

Bushwacking in the Outback

Today's Australian vacation activity was hiking in the outback and catching some of the sights that the Blue Mountains had to offer.

My photos simply can't do the scenery justice - it's like out of a picture book. Surprisingly (at least to me, anyway), we spent a good amount of time today in hiking around a rain forest. Who knew Australia had rain forests?

And here's a food tip...

Today at lunch we asked about what kind of pizza the snack shop was selling. "Crocodile" the clerk responded. We foolishly expected that to be some sort of euphemism for something like chicken and avocado pizza. When we asked what was on it, there was a pause for a second and then he replied, "crocodile." Oh, we'll pass, we said.

And when you see a kangaroo burger on the menu, that isn't some kids menu humor, they mean, just what they say. Apparently kangaroo meat is considered good stuff around here.

We did find one all veggie deli type place today named Zenergy - which was really tasty. Though, overall, we haven't been blow away with the food here. I think that's more our bad luck in choosing places than their bad offerings.

And the weather? We got a few thundershowers, but luckily, one happened while we we were eating and another while we were on the train. The other time spent hiking was all blue skies.


  1. You missed your opening there... the correct response to the croc pizza was "We'll have one of those, and make it snappy"