Monday, March 19, 2007

Chill Music

Let's say you have a nasty case of jet lag from say a trip to Australia. What's a guy to do to try to relax and catch some Z's?

Well, listening to Chill Music is an option.

Chill music is apparently a cross between those soothing CD's you might find at Brookstone and techno music.

I've actually decided I like the stuff. At least when I'm in a jet lagged mood, anyway.

I've enjoyed Summer Chill and Astral Navigations so far. Though there are plenty more to check out. And most (all? some?) of them are free to listen to and even add to your mp3 player.


  1. Ben,

    The music was interesting, but didn't you get the feeling like the music was layered with subliminal messages? I just think i've seen some bad B movies that start off with hoards of drunken teenages and this trance music, and end with the cops having to gun down their zombie like bodies. Okay, maybe i've watched one too many zombie movies.

    Now i have to go drink a coke. i don't know why, but I really need a coke.

  2. Ahh, so that explains why I kept asking the stewardesses for more Cokes on the airplane.

  3. Anonymous5:33 PM

    I just found your blog via a google blog search. The trip sounds great. One question: If you had an extra two days, where would you have added them?

  4. Hey Nick - thanks for the comment.

    The trip really was great.

    If I had a couple more days, I'd probably try to take a day trip (or trips?) outside of Canberra. There are some wildlife/national parks relatively near by (though you apparently need a tour to go as their's no public transportation there).

    There's also some sort of NASA deep space thingy near by which I'd find interesting.

    I hope you get over to Austrlia in 2008 - I'm sure you'll have a super time!