Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Twins Day 4 - Baths and Other Adventures

What a fun day we had hanging out with the Twins. It was a day of firsts for us, including: giving the twins a bath, taking a ride in my sister-in-law's new minivan (a minivan? Now they're official parents!) and taking the twins to their very first restaurant. I'm pleased to report that the twins did great through it all. They even let us eat in peace at the restaurant, proving what perfect angels they could be.

Some photos from throughout the day.

These are from bath time. After the bath, both the twins were absolutely wiped. We were pretty tired ourselves.

This is Dovid as he prepares to head out to his very first restaurant - Cafe Eilat. Sorry to say, but there wasn't anything on the menu for them, so he and his sister just quietly slept while we ate with one eye watching them.

Did I mention we're having a fun time?


  1. Ha Ha Ha..Chana Brocha and Dovid look totally squashed from the bath!!! I guess that is universal baby behaviour...

  2. And there were so well behaved during bath time, too, that I wouldn't have thought they would be that wiped. But boy, were they ever.