Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Saying Goodbye to the Twins

Today was the last day of this visit with the twins (and their parents!). We certainly enjoyed our time getting to know them and can't wait to come back and visit soon.

Not shown in the photographs was an especially unique occasion. Chana spit up all over me and my laptop after our morning feeding while I was on the phone with a customer. Chana, you'll be glad to know that my first thought was that I hoped you were feeling better, not that I hoped my laptop was okay. Shira, thanks for cleaning up!

Chana and me during our morning feeding. I'm going to miss getting up tomorrow morning and not giving one of them a bottle. Even the diaper and outfit changes were painless. Man these babies are good.

Dovid and me taking a self portrait:

Shira and Dovid laughing it up:

Shira taking Chana for a virtual airplane ride:

My 33rd birthday celebrated in style! Shmuel went out of his way to get ice cream for the occasion, and they and my Mother-in-Law had cards for me. The guest list was quite exclusive. Not shown in the photo is Chana, she was a little pre-occupied getting lunch from Mommy. Check out that look on Dovid's face - he's ready to dive into the ice cream. Thanks guys for an outstanding birthday celebration!

Dovid doing what he does best - snoozing:

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