Thursday, April 23, 2009

Site of the day:

One of my clients sent me some HTML in e-mail today, but it got munged in the process. I wanted to ask him to resend it to me but do it in a way that it wouldn't get messed. And then I remembered is a simple concept - you can paste whatever you want into a web page and then send someone a link to it. The content can't get hosed up in the e-mail, because all you're sending is a link.

One of the neat features of is that you can create your own personal Pastebin by adding a subdomain. So, I can paste stuff into and not have my clippings get mixed in with others.

There's absolutely no security provided, so don't use it for anything other than public content. But still, it's awfully handy.

See what I mean?

And for a Web 2.0 feel, you can use (It's Web 2.0 compliant because: it's got the funky url, large fonts, pretty colors and Twitter button. Need I say more?).

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