Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Eyes In the Back of My Head Hack

I'm expecting an important Fed-Ex today, which usually isn't a problem. But, with my luck, I'll have my music up too loud and won't hear him as he attempts to make his delivery.

Now, there are a couple of solutions to this: (1) turn down the music and (2) relocate myself from upstairs to downstairs near a window. But both are ridiculous. What I needed was to harness the technology I had to solve this problem. And that's what I did.

Here's my super quick hack for getting eyes in the back of my head...

  • Setup Shira's personal laptop, which happens to include a webcam, so it's facing outside the window like so:
  • Now, from Shira's laptop, use Google's video chat and contact myself at work computer in the other room.
  • Turn the feed on and watch the traffic go by:

It's an eerie feeling spying outside my window. It's sort of a very bad reality show.

OK Fed-Ex guy, the trap is set...now, just take the bait...

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