Thursday, April 02, 2009

And Your Favorite April Fools Gag Was?

Did you see all the April Fools shenanigans? You should check out Wired's catalog of all things April Fooly.

So far, my favorite is still Google Romance (not even from this year, it's a classic).

What was your favorite?


  1. I really enjoy the Google Chrome 3D option. I wish I had a pair of glasses to see if it really works. It's pretty cool to have a 3D button now in my browser.

    I also tried my own stab at a fake story and it even drew a real comment from someone I duped.

  2. Well done Jordan!

    I forget that having our own little corners of the web means that we can be active participants in the April Fools silliness.

    Hmmm... I should start thinking of topics now.