Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Adventures in Manscaping

First, let me say that I very much like where I get my hair cut usually. They're courteous, fast, reasonably priced and get the job done. Heck, they're even a local business, so I can feel good that I'm not going to some chain.

But, it's also no secret that Shira's far from impressed with my usual doo: a #2 trimmer on the sides, and a #4 on top. So, for some time, she's been suggesting I try her usual stylist, Redouane, of Salon Anu.

My natural first, second and third reaction were all: are you kidding me? Me, get a fancy shmancy haircut - but why? And I'd probably end up having to do some absurd avocado treatment to my hair on a daily basis. And besides, I'm a guy, guys need trimmers, not stylists.

I'm also up for trying new things and little adventures, so I finally let her make me an appointment.

OK, some of the experience felt a bit too froo-froo for me (the offer of wine while I waited, or 10 minute shampoo-conditioning-massage thingy), but overall, I was really impressed. Redouane actually used significant amounts of logic to figure out how he was going to cut my hair (my opinion in these matters really never came up) and he was definitely a man on a mission as he did more than just hack off hair like I'm used to. I definitely made the man work tonight.

He even left me with a haircut that wouldn't require gel or other special maintenance (like, say, combing).

Shira was witness to all this (I suppose to keep me from chickening out), and got her biggest thrill as Redouane asked me if I wouldn't mind if he trimmed my eyebrows. Again, I don't think he was really asking to get my opinion, so much as to warn me not to move, so as to avoid a Best Friend's Wedding moment.

Redouane also made it clear to me that he wasn't going to be able to make Shira's dreams of having a perfectly hair-styled husband come true in one session. This was going to be a long term project. I was under strict instructions to return in 2-3 weeks for a little cleanup. Yikes. It looks like this adventure is just getting started.



What The Heck? Moment

And you're doing what to my eyebrows?

This whole experience has been a fun reminder that it's nice to hurl your preconceived notions out the door every once and while, and just try something new. Especially if said new thing will grow back in just a few weeks.


  1. Anonymous11:11 PM

    can't.... stop.... laughing.... *snort*

    But you're looking handsome as ever, dahling.

  2. Thanks Jerseygirl77! As you can see, this look doesn't come without a whole lot of effort... ;-)


  3. heehee... you could always go my way and only cut your hair only once a decade (twice if really needed). But then you are required to brush/comb unless you like the matted look.

  4. That was actually one of Redouane's points: short hair is easy to maintain, and so long hair. But medium length is a pain.

    And my hair is always medium length.