Monday, November 16, 2009

Saying Goodbye

Yesterday, we did a through cleaning of one of our 2nd bedrooms, which meant saying goodbye to a whole bunch of computer hardware I was never going to use. No, it wasn't easy - but I had both Shira and David on hand to keep me focused on my task. Here's a random sampling of a few items that are now no longer with us (sigh.)

Goodbye ISA cards I can barely identify. Besides not knowing your purpose, I no longer have a computer to fit you into: Goodbye Syquest cartridges and drive. I know that at one point being able to store 1GB of data on you was a big deal. Alas, you've been superseded by the thumb drive. Life is hardly fair. Goodbye mess of cables under my desk. Sure, you inspired a Halloween costume, but it was time to say goodbye.

Goodbye dipper - my last desktop in the house. Yes, you ran Linux reliably for years, and for that I'm forever greatful. But you've been superseded by our wireless router, which does everything you were doing but is the size of a hardback book.

Goodbye 6.4Gig hard drive. I know in your day, you were something special. Sorry that you've been syquested, as were also superseded by a thumb drive. It was fun while it lasted. Goodbye my 300/1200/2400 baud modem. It has been years since you've been the top of the line, but it's true, you were once something really special. Alas, my children and grandchildren will hear stories about you, and about how good they have it because you are but a memory.

The most exciting part about yesterday was that at 4:00pm we put about 6 items on our curb with a big FREE sign and by 5:00pm one of them was gone. By 6:30am, the rest were too. It's the best form of recycling one could ask for.

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