Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More, More Space Place

Continuing on our cleanup theme, Shira and I decided we'd redo the closet in upstairs 2nd bedroom. The HomeDepot style wire-shelving was beginning to look fragile, and more importantly the configuration of the closet was more storage based rather than people based. In other words, it was holding our crap, but it wasn't working as a guest room closet.

So we returned to our friends at More Space Place, and had them whip up a closet configuration that would work for us. We've been so happy with the work they did previously, that it was a no brainer to go back. After years of use, I can say that the closets they install are solid and hold up to wear and tear.

They were just as happy to design our basic bedroom closet as they were our large walk in one in the bedroom. In fact, they may have even liked the smaller one better, as space is their specialty.

The crew that installed the closet did a good job too, being efficient and clean.

Now if only the closets would sort our stuff, recycle, toss and save, the right items and put it all away neatly, then I'd truly be happy.



As you can see, the bias of the closet is more towards storage than hanging clothes. But, at least there's that option now.

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