Monday, November 16, 2009

Sony Vaio VGN-SR520G/B Battery Life

One of my biggest concerns about my new Sony Vaio VGN-SR520G/B was the poor battery life. After fully charging and fully discharging the laptop 3 times, I ran a test where I timed exactly how much time I could get out of a single 100% full battery. This did include putting the laptop top sleep a couple times. It also included me turning down the screen as much as possible.

The answer: 3hours, 27 minutes.

That's not going to set any sort of records, but is certainly respectable. When you consider it doesn't have a monster battery in it, that's all the more impressive.

The battery meter on the laptop was pretty unreliable - at 100% it claimed I was going to get 2.5hours of batter life. I guess I'd rather it underestimated, rather than over.

With this little experiment behind me, I think I'll stop worry about the battery, and will just do what I always do - plug it in.


  1. Still liking the computer? I was thinking about getting this one.

  2. Yeah, so far, so good. It really is light and powerful - enough so, to make up for the mediocre battery life and poor sound quality, if you ask me.