Sunday, November 22, 2009

Two More Laptop Indifference Strategies

Continuing on my theme of laptop indifference, here are two more strategies I plan to implement:

  • Rotate among laptops - typically, I have my "main" laptop plugged into an external monitor and keyboard, and my older laptop would sit around collecting dust. My plan is to switch off which laptop is the "main" one on a weekly basis (plugging it into the monitor and keyboard), and use the other for mobile tasks.

    This should keep both of my current laptops in sync, and will make grabbing a laptop a little less of a hassle as I won't need to disconnect it from the monitor and keyboard.

  • Use both laptops simultaneously - Using synergy it's possible to use one keyboard and monitor among a number of different machines. Synergy is really remarkable software and every time I use it I'm blow away. I'm especially amazed that it works so smoothly between my Vista laptop and Windows 7 laptop. And it hasn't been updated since 2006!

In hindsight, both of these strategies seem so obvious. Yet, once you get into a rythym of working a certain way, it's never easy to break it. But this effort, I think, is worth it.

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