Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Amazon Free Shipping Tip

You've got love Amazon's Free Shipping for orders over $25.00 But what happens when your order comes to say, $22 - what do you? Do you pay the shipping, or end up buying another item which costs more than the shipping itself? Of course, Amazon knows they are putting you in this little quandary - and more power to them, it's clever marketing.

The other day, I stumbled upon a fairly novel solution. The answer, of course, is to find an item which is low cost and also eligible for free shipping. But finding those items can be a pain. Unless of course, someone has made just a list for you.

And this being the web, someone already has. If you search Amazon's Listmania for free shipping, you'll find plenty of lists that give low cost ideas for getting over the shipping minimum.

From Dora the Explorer playing cards to the Holy French Toast stamper, there are lots of ways to spend that extra couple bucks to get over the $25.00 minimum.

Update: Over in Facebook land, my buddy Davin suggested slickfillers - a site dedicated to solving the problem I describe above. And in the comments, Mark has suggested not only this site, but also filleritem.com. These sites are amazing because they are a source for cheap items (say $0.32) that allow you to nudge your order over the $25.00 mark if you need to. Thanks Davin and Mark!


  1. Brilliant! Thanks, Ben!

  2. These are also called filler items. If you do a google search for "amazon filler", you'll find lots of great resources. These sites will let you search for items based on the dollar amount of filler that you need to reach $25:


  3. excellent find to both you and Mark (and Davin via Facebook)... I'm constantly adding cheap 'filler' items to my wish list for cases like you mentioned... the last time I needed a filler item it was for $.84 and it drove me nuts to the point that I never made the order.

  4. Anonymous2:49 PM

    I was trying to place an Amazon order and remembered this post... I just used filleritem.com and bumped my purchase from 22.99 to 25.03 and got the free shipping (and a nifty purple-ink pen!). Thanks for this tip!!!

  5. Jerseygirl77 -

    That's awesome! Glad fillitem could come through for you.