Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Day After Great Snow Dump of '09

This morning we woke up to about 20 inches of snow outside our house. The storm was long gone, and all that was left to do was dig ourselves out on this nice and sunny day.

Usually we mock Northern Virginia's definition of a winter storm - it might be a couple inches, or better yet, just the threat of a storm with no snow at all. But last night's 20 inches of snow was a sight to see. Impressive, even by Rochester and Buffalo standards.

Here's the chunk of driveway before I started on it:

And here's my completed job. Luckily the snow was nice and dry, so it wasn't too hard to move.

And here's Shira working on one of our cars. Note how the snow on the hood is actually at her height:

And here's my crude attempt to measure the snowfall in our front yard - trust me, it was at least 16 inches of snow.

About the only annoying part of the storm was that it happened on a weekend, so nobody got any snow days (not that Ideas2Executables needs to close on account of bad roads...). Though, some schools have already called off classes for Monday, and one farther out count has called them off for Tuesday, too.

Yeah, canceling school on Tuesday for a snow storm that happened on Saturday - that's so DC.

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