Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kicking the tires on child care

This is no standard door. Behind this door lies the very first daycare Shira and I have visited in preparation for our upcoming adventure. Now, maybe you have all sorts of experience around child care centers - me, not so much.

The experience that comes closest to this visit was the first dealership we walked into to purchase a car. Regardless of the research we did, we were completely outgunned. And so it was here.

As we walked around, and I nodded my head in agreement to what the director said, I could remember back to that moment in the show-room where the sales person popped the hood and we both "take a look." Oh yeah, she's a beauty alright I would say, no doubt staring at the windshield wiper reservoir.

On a more serious note, I really was impressed. We caught kids in a variety of states - from sitting down to snack time, to just having play time (a group of boys with fireman's hats informed us they just saved a cat - kudos to them), and everyone seemed to be in a good mood.

Wow, it's hard to believe that one day, a center like that one could play a key role in our lives. Amazing.


  1. Key question: Did it smell strongly of pee? That is a bad sign in my book. Means they are not keeping up with taking out the trash frequently, which is a super easy thing to do. Thus, what else might they be lax about??

  2. Lori -

    Oooh, good point.

    There was definitely no smell of pee (or any other strong odors). We caught part of snack time, and the teacher was using gloves while dispensing food. Heck, the baby room had a no-outdoor-shoes policy, to avoid the baby's floor getting covered in shmutz.

    The whole place was quite in order - though, I think the play area was cluttered enough that it at least looked like the kids were able to spread out and have fun.

    Like I said, I was impressed.

    Thanks for the tip!