Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another Day, Another Blizzard

We weren't even done talking about Snowmageddon, when his angry little sidekick showed up today. As promised, we got zapped with another winter storm. While the estimates of 7-14 inches of accumulation where on the high side, the storm was definitely a doozy. For hours, we had real blizzard conditions - with heavy snow and high winds mixing together to keep even the plows off the roads.

When the storm was finished, there wasn't a whole lot more snow to deal with (we shoveled what seemed like 8 fresh inches of snow from the drive way) - but the winds certainly did a number on the existing snow drifts. Walking through the neighborhood, it almost felt like a classic desert scene, as the snow drifts had a beautifully chiseled look to them.

All area schools are shut down, along with the Federal Government - that makes 4 straight days in a row. If you like snow days, this was definitely your perfect week.

Here are a couple photos - they definitely don't do the scene justice. The first one tries to capture the scene outside our house during the blizzard - trust me, it was a sight to see.

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