Monday, February 01, 2010

Jotter: A Lightweight Notes, TODO and Reminder App For Android

I'm on a quest to install only critical apps on my G1. One need that keeps coming up since I've reset my phone is that of a notes app, and perhaps some kind of TODO list.

Instead of installing the slick AK Notepad app, or Astrid Task Tod List I've just been flipping over to the e-mail application and sending myself a message.

I like this approach because it puts all my reminders and notes in one place - my inbox, and more importantly, it's a place I'll actually maintain. The problem with this approach, though, is that it's clunky.

Enter: Jotter

The solution? Jotter. Jotter is a tiny application that allows you to enter in a bunch of text, and click a single button to have it sent off to your e-mail.

When combined with a keyboard shortcut (Search + J), it's as fast to use as native notes application, but stores the content in a better place: your inbox.

There's even an excellent recipe for having your Jotter notes show up separately in Gmail (hint: it leverages both filters and multiple inboxes). I've got to say, it really works.

I think you could even fancier if you took into account Gmail aliases like and filters.

Jotter is currently free for the Android and definitely worth a try if lightweight apps are your thing.


  1. Also worth trying "Email Note to Self". I use this to send myself notes to my inbox, like you.

  2. Thanks for the tip Howie!

  3. If you have bunch of tasks that rot in your to-do list for long time, consider my app,, which reminds you a random task at random time each day by sending an email.