Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How to make others love the sport of Biathlon

One of my favorite winter sports has to be Biathlon - a combination of cross country skiing and shooting. In high school, I got my varsity letter in cross country skiing and also learned an immensely valuable lesson: you can't be good at everything. As a corollary I learned that while there's almost always some poor schlub who's slower than you, and every once in a while, you're that schlub.

Rifle shooting is also near and dear to me, as it was one of my favorite activities at Boy Scout camp (got to give a shout out to Masawepie!). It was also an activity I started off poorly at, and managed to conquer thanks to a blending of learning technique and lots of practice (that and figuring out I'm right handed, and left eye'ed).

Finally, I love the tension that biathlon creates: if you ski your heart out, you'll be too exhausted to shoot well; if you focus just on shooting, you'll lose because of the time.

But, let's face it - Biathlon isn't exactly a big sport here in the US (and with our love of guns, you'd wonder why not?). Though, I know how to change all that - just rearrange the format so it's plays out like the video below. Am I right, or am I right?

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