Thursday, February 04, 2010

Shopping before a storm in VA

Yes, the line to the register really goes down the entire aisle to the back of the store. This better be a great storm.

Update: And here's a snapshot David took of the bread isle of the store. How classic is that one?

It's no surprise people are pretty ampped up about this storm. Here's the alert we got earlier today:

Another severe winter storm, with near blizzard conditions, is forecast to hit Arlington Fri., Feb. 5 through Sat., Feb. 6. Be prepared to shelter in place for 3 to 5 days . Please stay off the roads. Snow crews will plow primary and secondary roads first for emergency vehicles. After severe storms (more than 10”), it may take 36-48 hours after the snow stops before County plows can get to residential streets. Removal and treatment may take several days.

That's right - we're supposed to be ready to hang out for 5 days while the snow plows dig us out. Heck, not a snowflake has fallen, and we're already in a state of emergency. Not only that, but this event - which hasn't happened yet - already has a name: the snowpocalypse. Amazing.

Update: It's 7:30am, not a snow flake has fallen, and Arlington County Schools are closed for the entire day. Man, these kids have it good. Back in my day, the schools didn't close - nope, you just had to put up with arctic conditions as you walked back and forth to school, up hill, with no jacket.


  1. Only I will find it amusing if there will a huge storm and it'll turn out there's no TP left?

  2. Oooh, we stocked up on all sorts of items...but not TP. D'oh!

  3. Use tissues, like some people here do on Shabbos!