Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Boy Gets New Digs

Today was a big day for our little man. He graduated from a pack-n-play to a real crib. If all goes well, tonight he'll be sleeping in a Graco Sarah Classic crib. It's your basic fixed side crib, with the ability to convert to a toddler bed. It took my buddy Nick and myself about 45 minutes to put it together - and that included me mounting one of the sides backwards. It's sturdy, and Shira and I are pleased with the quality.

We ended up buying it at Babies-R-Us mainly because we were able to turn in a 20 year old crib, and get 25% off a new crib. It's a slick promotion they are offering until February 20th, and it's definitely worth checking out.

So far the little guy has played a little bit in the crib and he seems to approve. At first he was a bit apprehensive about what was going on with this funky surface that's quite a bit more padded than his pack-n-play. But within about a minute, he was quite happy.

Here are some photos of us putting it together. Surprisingly, I didn't have any extra parts when I was finished. Strange, I can't remember that happening in the past.

Also, I used my girly Skil 2336-02 iXO screwdriver. It was perfect for the job, as it was able to drive in the screws without effort and even had the right Allen Wrench bit in the set it came with. Most importantly, the screwdriver was charged and ready to go, and didn't lose charge throughout the project. It gets an A on this project.


  1. I highly approve of the breathable bumpers. Wonder where you got that idea. :-D

  2. In Hebrew we say: תתחדש! (titchadesh)

    It means enjoy you new (something)

  3. Elana -

    You absolutely inspired us to get the bumpers. What can I say, if they are good enough for the twinners, they are good enough for Jordan.

  4. זיוה --

    !ירדן תודה לך על המשאלות מין

  5. Huh?...

    I don't even know how to react to that...

    I'll assume it's a mistake because the alternative is just too creepy.

  6. :)

    That's what I get for using Google Translate.

    I tried to say that our little guy thanks you for your kind wishes. Apparently, something got lost in the translation ;-).