Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Most Unusual Day After Valentines Day

Ever since Shira and I were dating in college, we typically celebrate the Day After Valentines day, instead of Valentine's day itself. See, Valentine's day is a Hallmark holiday that begs the question: why should you love your sweetheart just on that day, shouldn't you love your sweetheart every day? On the other hand, you better as heck go out of your way to show your sweetheart she's special, so why not do it the day after Valentine's day?

Anyway, this year was different than all years in the past...

Let's see, I got Shira a little bling to add to her collection, and we did dinner at Cafe Asia. Hmmm, nothing unusual here. Oh yeah, we had to arrange for a baby sitter to watch over our little one.

Shira and I have left our little guy with a baby sitter before, but this was the first time we actually went out together and left him behind. Like classic parents, we did check our cell phones for messages a couple times when they obviously hadn't rang, and were relieved when we got the text message reporting that the little man was in bed and there were no issues.

The whole thing felt like a scene from a cliche sitcom.

And here's proof - a photo of the love of my life, as we take in a meal without wondering when feeding, diapering or play time is.

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