Monday, October 22, 2012

A Halloween Idea - Braincandy!

I do love a lightweight crowd sourced art project, and last night it hit me that we could do an easy one for Halloween. Here's how it would work:

  • Pick up a whole bunch of tiny Playdoh containers (ideally from the dollar store, but Amazon would do too)
  • Print out a series of small labels that say something like:
    How about some candy for your brain? Make something great using this Playdoh and other supplies you can find around the house. and have your parents send a picture of it to: See what others have created and learn more at Share your creation, and view what others have made at braincandy2012
    -Ben (
  • Apply a label to each small container of Playdoh
  • Come Halloween night, hand out candy and a Playdoh container to teach kid
  • Sit back and watch the creativity burst forth!

Simple enough, right?

I probably won't go through with it, though. There's just something creepy about the whole thing - right?

Still, I do feel like I'm missing out on an opportunity to think outside the box here...

Update: Reworded the label text, taking out the e-mail request. That seems to tone down the creepiness a bit. I believe Tumblr allows for user submitted content easily enough, so the project would still be easy enough to put together.

Update: No need to include 2012 in the URL. And while I'm at it, why not reserve space in case I want to actually go through with this idea.

Update: OK, so here's a better domain name:


  1. Luther7:57 AM

    Ha! I was just getting ready to comment that it was a great idea; you just needed to reword the label. You beat me to it. I repeat, great idea! :-)

  2. Thanks Luther!

    Yeah, the whole "c'mon kid, send me e-mail..." is just too, well, creepy.